“After taking Linda’s free resume class, I submitted my new and improved resume to potential employers and the results were astounding! Linda’s expertise and guidance demonstrated a very effect way to capture the attention of those in charge of hiring. I had submitted several applications to Delta Air Lines with no results. After I updated my resume with Linda’s suggestions, I was contacted by Delta, interviewed (again, using the techniques I had learned in Linda’s class), and was hired on the spot! I will begin my career at Delta as a Ready Reserve Ticket/Gate Agent on May 5. Even though this is a seasonal position, I finally have my foot in the door and I am confident that Delta will not want to let me go. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Linda and I am so glad I took the first step and attended her class. I highly recommend Linda’s free resume and LinkedIn classes!

– Susan Smith

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“Linda – Thank you for your help and suggestions to improve my resume. As part of my campaign I joined The Ladders for a 3 month period. They offered a free resume critique. “I thought why not. They may have a comment or improvement [that] I or others I have had review my resume had not thought of and it’s cost was your favorite four letter word – FREE. I want to inform you that they came back with no suggestions for changes and commented that it is a strong resume that I should continue to use as they expected I would get results…

– Tom Andersen

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“When I took Linda’s resume class in 2010, I was so impressed with her business savvy and professionalism I hired her as a career coach. Linda helped me realize that I was taking a shot-gun approach to my job search, listing everything on my resume from being a product manager, to proposal manager, to writer and conference manager. Linda helped me narrow my focus by determining what makes me unique and what type of work fulfills me the most. After rebranding myself and narrowing my job search, I received three interviews in one month, and a job offer that led to full time employment with a company that’s a great fit, doing work I love, for a competitive salary and great benefits. If you’re going through a career transition, I highly recommend you hire Linda.”

– Laurie Searle

Thanks for your warm welcome. I signed up for this Wed. class, I can’t wait. After reading some of the tips on your web site I’m sure the class will be great. Your explanations on Resume’s (Action+ Scope= Measurable Results Formula) I found especially helpful, it was something I knew was needed but didn’t know how to put it in words. I’ve found myself excited about working on my Resume instead of the overwhelming feelings that have been common. Thanks again.

– Carolyn

Thanks for all your help in finding a job. If people don’t use your help they have lost a truly great offering and it is for FREE!!!!

Thanks again,

– Steve Lucas

“Linda gives of her time to help those who are looking for new employment with such enthusiasm and yet candor. I have attended her resume writing and Linked In classes and cannot tell you how much I have learned in those 4 hours. As someone with a military background interviewing, Linked in and resumes are still foreign to me but she helps everyone get up to speed no matter where they are starting in their job search. You can see wherever she works she is going to succeed because she really cares about the customer.”

– Gail Daras

“Having been out of the job search market for a number of years, I hadn’t felt the need for an updated resume. Mine was rather dated and didn’t really tell the story I hoped to convey. Linda provides a service to those of us in transition to update our resumes. I attended her class on resume writing and was introduced to a number of possible reasons that I haven’t been receiving more invitations for interviews. Linda taught the class in a way that made it easy to understand and to apply her principles. Her insight into showcasing my skills makes my revised resume stand above the crowd. I highly recommend Linda’s resume writing class to anyone looking to get more attention in their job search. I feel confident that my newly revised resume will provide me with many opportunities to interview and help me land that special job.”

– Bob W. Smith  

Your networking training class was informative and well presented. You loaded two hours with many techniques and networking principles that will produce results in my job search. I look forward to practicing and implementing your principles. I enjoyed the personal stories that you used to illustrate networking. Also appreciated the group discussions and interactions and the way that you integrated attendee input into your teaching.

Well done! Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to learn more about effective networking. Your training also helped reinforce for me that a vibrant well connected network during times of employment can be a great safety net at the ready should I  ever unexpectedly become a free-agent in the future….

– Bert Jermain

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Linda is a great coach and instructor in the transforming of a ho-hum resume into a great resume. If you want to boost your resume and help your career, just look to Linda Wells for the talent and help you need. My resume looks great now, thanks to her! You will be surprised now valuable her assistance is in transforming a resume, and also how pleasant it is to work with her.”

– Irina McPeak

“Linda’s Résumé Writing class for JobSeekers of Peachtree City is filled with information that will get results. After incorporating,some of the pointers from her class in my résumé, I secured an interview with an Atlanta based company where I applied for other positions and previously had no response.”

– Larry Wayne

“Linda has a genuine commitment to the entire Jobseekers family and has never failed to give an encouraging word. She has opened her heart, home and office on various occasions to teach her resume and LinkedIn workshops. These workshops are well organized and very informative, I highly recommend them to all. (Linda, thanks for all of your support.)” February 3, 2010

– Jason Greene